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I4.0 Industry standard for transmission, cables, connectors

SPE Industrial Partner Network
Jonas Diekmann
Jonas Diekmann
Technical Editor, HARTING Electronics

The concept of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things is resulting in ever more complex network structures within the manufacturing sector. Cabling ranges from Cloud computing down to the field level and the smallest sensor. The continuous flow of data requires ever smaller interfaces and cables that reach down to the tiniest application. In order to create true continuity from the Cloud to the field level and to bring the IIoT to life, a new infrastructure standard is needed. The standard must bring Ethernet to every network participant cost-effectively and provide a true alternative to BUS systems. The solution is called Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) -- Ethernet over only a single pair of copper wires. An alliance of industry professionals has recognised the need for strong SPE standards for transmission protocol, cables and connectors. This "SPE Industrial Partner Network" combines strong brands to produce a coordinated and consistent SPE ecosystem.

Single Pair Ethernet Industrial Partner Network

Single-Pair Ethernet (SPE) is gaining more and more importance in industrial applications. HARTING recognised this trend early on and actively pushed for standardisation. Consequently, as early as 2016 standardisation committees received proposals for standards for cable and mating faces for Ethernet connections. Now, seven industry leaders representing cable manufacturers and industrial connectivity have joined forces. TE Connectivity, Hirose, Würth Elektronik, MURR Elektronik, LEONI, Softing and HARTING share common goals with the partner program SPE Industrial Partner Network.

The goal: an SPE-based ecosystem

The seven partners are bundling their expertise to provide support in the market and establish the transmission standard IEEE 802.3, SPE cable according to IEC 61156-x, and a standardised mating face per IEC 63171-6. In addition, the necessary microchips, transformers and test equipment are also being created for end devices. The goal is to create an SPE-based ecosystem. All participants and users of this ecosystem are invited to become part of the partner program initiated by HARTING. Users benefit from standards for components and devices for their Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) environments. At least in the area of network cabling, the goal is to produce a simple, clear, transparent structure for users out of the already high degree of complexity within digitised production.

Single Pair Ethernet Industrial Partner Network


  • Single Pair Ethernet standards as the basis for Industry 4.0
  • 7 industry players push standards and invite cooperation

For future decision-makers within industry:

  • Investment security through standards
  • Industry Alliance provides the basis for end-to-end Ethernet. From the Cloud to the field sensor.


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