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Secure plug-in connections for modular battery storage

Han® S
Ingo Siebering
Ingo Siebering
Product Manager HARTING Electric
Secure plug-in connections for modular battery storage

The sustainable use of renewable energies such as wind or sun can only be achieved through energy storage modules, since these enable time-delayed, needs-based use. New Han® connectors make it easier to set up large arrays of battery storage modules.

With its Han® S series, HARTING offers secure connection technology for modular battery storage. The compact and flexible housings accommodate contacts for currents up to 200 A and 1500 V. The series’ bulkhead housings can be flexibly rotated through 360 degrees even in mated condition, and the locking of hoods and housings, male and female contacts is intuitive. HARTING’s use of the colour red for plus and black for minus, with additional mechanical coding, prevents the interfaces from being mixed up.

The use of connectors accelerates the build-up of energy storage modules using lithium-ion cells. The demand for such electricity storage is booming worldwide. According to the Federal Association for Energy Storage, for instance the German market has notched up high growth in recent years, particularly for home storage and industrial batteries. More and more industrial companies are securing an uninterruptible power supply with the help of storage modules, or making savings on energy costs by leveraging delayed load usage.

Since demand is increasing, providers of lithium-ion storage systems need to connect growing numbers of cells. The Han S® was specially designed to meet the need for simple, fast and safe contacting of cells for such systems. The new connector thus supports the assembly of battery storage modules in large quantities.

The Han S® offers users plug-in connections for storage modules while providing maximum safety, since the design meets all technical requirements and is based on the latest standard UL 4128 for stationary energy storage systems. The connector series thus corresponds to the highest standardisation level required internationally on the market.

The male contact for the battery module is designed to be finger safe and is equipped with a screw contour with an M8 thread. The contact can be installed on the battery module in a user-friendly manner with a socket spanner. The socket contact is crimped onto the cable and then inserted and screwed into the sleeve housing without tools. There is a red variant of the Han® S for the positive terminal and a black variant for the negative terminal. Both are also mechanically coded to prevent incorrect insertion.

The new connector thus supports the assembly of battery storage modules in large quantities.

Ingo Siebering, Product Manager, HARTING Electric

These properties are also beneficial for service and maintenance. If a cell in an energy storage module shows a drop in performance, the respective management system can be used to switch it off and have it replaced. To do so, the Han S® interfaces of the adjacent modules are simply turned aside in the locked state to make room for the switch-out. No need exists to interrupt the energy storage functions of the unaffected modules.

A battery management module (BMS) is located in each modular storage module or storage cabinet. These units also need to be connected to form a control train. Here, the HARTING Han S® has added a bulkhead mounted housing with a busbar pin contact, once again in a red and black version. The system is managed via this train and the decentralised BMS transmit status messages to the higher-level system/plant control.

Standard compliance:

Han S® is the first special high-current battery connector that meets the relevant UL and railway standards for stationary energy storage systems. Among others, it fulfils the requirements of UL 4128 for connectors in electrochemical battery system applications, UL 1973 for batteries in stationary applications, for emergency power supply for vehicles and in light rail applications, and UL 9540 for energy storage systems and accessories. Han S® is also shock and vibration proof according to the relevant railway standards.

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