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Rearward mounting - so simple

Enhanced functionality for the Han® family: the Han-Eco® B
Rearward mounting saves time and costs.

HARTING multiplies the possible uses of plastic connectors. The Han-Eco® range now includes plastic housings that are fully compatible with the standard Han® B. This opens up the entire portfolio of Han® B inserts for the Han-Eco®. New improvements are the rearward mounting of prefabricated inserts, e.g. in a bulkhead-mounting housing on the switch cabinet.

The new Han-Eco® connectors provide enhanced functionality for the industry standard Han® B compared to their metal-case counterparts. Innovations include e.g. the option of rear mounting when assembling a switch cabinet: pre-assembled inserts no longer need to be inserted from the outside into a bulkhead-mounted housing on the control cabinet wall. During assembly, the ends of the wiring harnesses can be snapped into the mounting housing from the inside of the switch cabinet - rearward. This option simplifies assembly and thus saves time and costs. Switch cabinet units and cable harnesses can be pre-assembled separately. A better division of labour is possible and, if necessary, processes can even be outsourced.
In addition to monoblocks for Han® B, the Han-Modular® range can also be used in plug-compatible fashion in the new Han-Eco®. The hinged frame allows the modules to be integrated into the plastic housing. As a result, this considerably increases the application possibilities for plastic housings in manufacturing. The new plastic connectors are plug-compatible with the standard metallic Han® B housings. Compatibility with existing interfaces in environments using the Han® B standard is thus fully guaranteed. Subject to cost and quality requirements, designers can take advantage of all the benefits of plastic and/or metal.
The high-performance plastic of the Han-Eco® B is as robust as that of all other Han-Eco® components. The usual advantages are retained: plastic connectors are not only easy to install, they are also resistant to corrosion and offer flexible assembly options. They are fire resistant to UL94 V0 – which means they are also suitable for use in railway scenarios – and weigh only about half as much as a connector in a die-cast aluminium housing.

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