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Future-proof power, data & signal transmission

Heiko Meier
Heiko Meier
Product Manager Heavy Duty Connectors, HARTING Electric

Han-Modular® stands for the combination of power, data and signals – like no other connector. In fact, the series established the trend towards modular connectors. The system is not only highly versatile, but also flexible and future-proof. New and future requirements can be rapidly and conveniently integrated into the existing modular system.

Take power, for example: The market for energy storage systems is currently undergoing a very dynamic phase. Existing requirements are changing, new requirements are being added, while power density is on the rise and systems must become more efficient at the same time.

Today's systems are operating with 200 A / 800 V DC. Future generations will require even higher power densities with up to 300 A and 1200 V.

With these demands in mind, HARTING has developed the 300 A module, which is downward compatible with the proven 200 A module. Consequently, the new module can also be plugged into the 200 A module (in which case only the lower rated power would be available). Therefore, existing systems can be easily upgraded. The new module is designed so that both direct connections to a busbar and installations in slide-in systems are easily possible. The market requirement for the module to be touch-proof on both the socket and pin sides is also met.

Let’s look at data now: The demands for higher transmission rates are driving the continuous development of data interfaces. This not only applies to the office area, but also to the industrial arena, where the advantages of modular interfaces especially come into their own. All the common, standard bus systems can be easily adapted, including Profibus, Profinet, CAN, Ethernet Cat. 5, Cat. 6A and Cat. 7A.

Thanks to the M12 module, there is now a further possibility to integrate 10 Gbit/s Ethernet into modular connectors. The module enables a significant reduction in required space, as two D- or X-coded M12 connectors fit into a single module. Moreover, compared to conventional RJ45 solutions, the M12 system is more robust and offers greater operational reliability.

And now, over to signals: In spite of advancing digitalisation, modular signal connectors are still the most common and frequently used applications. In recent years, HARTING has created many solutions for signal transmission enabling users to make optimum use of the installation space of their machines and thereby boost efficiency. The Han® Full High Density Module and the Han DD® Double Module are salient examples here.

The Han® Shielded Module Basic is a new addition and is ideal for creating modular interfaces for shielded signal lines. Thanks to its particularly high packing density with 27 D-Sub contacts and an additional plate for 360° shielding, the module enables space-saving and EMC-compliant transmission of sensitive signals. This enables users in mechanical engineering and robotics to implement shielded transmissions in the modular connector – conveniently and cost-effectively.

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