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Finally a standard: the M12 PushPull

Industry-wide compatibility
Dirk-Peter Post
Dirk-Peter Post
Head of PM Circular Interface Connectors, HARTING Electronics
M12 PushPull

The most brilliant solution is of no use to the customer if it remains a proprietary isolated solution. HARTING has been an advocator of industry standards for a number of years. There is now finally an industry-wide uniform standard for the M12 circular connector with PushPull locking. Industry customers are thus reaping the benefits of the new IEC 61076-2-010 standard.

“With the new PushPull standard, the value of M12 termination technology is set to soar.”

Dirk-Peter Post, Head of Global Product Management Circular Interface Connectors

“Connectivity” means it must always fit

In assembly, Click-and-Go is the dream of fast and uncomplicated wiring, i.e. all without tools thanks to PushPull locking. Until now, there was never a guarantee in industrial termination technology that the aspiration of “connectivity” could actually be consistently implemented across the board. There is no uniformity without standards. Manufacturers of M12 connectors have now agreed on a uniform and compatible standard for M12 PushPull locking. Genuine cross-manufacturer compatibility is now opening the doors to countless more possibilities.

The potential to save time and money

The switch from conventional cable clamps to PushPull quick locking saves users up to 80% assembly time. This accelerated process is gaining in momentum thanks to the new IEC standard for the M12. In addition to HARTING, many other well-known manufacturers are also supporting the necessary compatibility. Industry customers can rest assured that their investments will remain protected and their termination technology flexible. Now and in the future.

IEC-Standard für den M12

Standard for connector style and Design-in

The IEC 61076-2-010 standard defines all the necessary connector styles for device sockets: free-standing, recessed, male and female. It stipulates the simplest solution for the locking mechanism with all its variants.

The only change to the established M12 is the addition of a recess; meanwhile, the tried-and-tested features of the M12 full thread are retained in full. The devices can thus be universally equipped with a so-called M12 duo port and can optionally be connected with push-pull or the commercially available M12 screwed connectors, i.e. both connections are possible. The benefit: both connections are possible.

The new standard also defines the Design-in. A conventional M12 port with standard thread – without intervention in the device design – can be replaced by a compatible duo port with push-pull and this can even be done at a later point in existing device concepts.

Compatibility for HARTING switches

So that HARTING customers can enjoy all the benefits of the standardised interface, the high-performance unmanaged switches of the eCon 4100 series and the eCon 4080GBT-BXT IP67 transportation switches have thus also been equipped with the new M12 PushPull interfaces. Customers no longer need to worry about whether or not the connections will fit with respect to termination technology. They will fit.


  • M12 with industry-wide standard in termination technology


For future decision-makers within industry:

  • Automation made compatible and uniform thanks to standards
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