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HARTING and Rinspeed – those two are unstoppable

Together they put visions on the road

First it was the "Etos", then "Oasis", and now "Snap". The concept vehicles of Swiss automobile manufacturer Rinspeed not only sound futuristic, they are – thanks primarily to the HARTING MICA (Modular Industry Computing Architecture) and the innovative fast-charging technology supplied by the family-owned company. HARTING has been a reliable partner of Rinspeed for many years and provided support during this period.

A futurstic mobility concept from Rinspeed and HARTING
The concept car "Etos"

Virtually no other company stands for futuristic mobility concepts and vehicles like Swiss automobile manufacturer Rinspeed. It all started some two years ago with the "Etos" concept car, in which the HARTING MICA was installed. This intelligent mini-industrial computer monitors emissions as well as the general state of the vehicle while driving and records and transmits engine and drive data. In addition, an independent testing centre can then evaluate and process this data. This example exemplifies how versatile and flexible the MICA is. It can easily be integrated into different vehicles and can e.g. record a machine’s current energy consumption and control battery management in electric cars.

Given this versatility, it’s no wonder that Rinspeed continues to rely on HARTING products. In 2017, the newest concept car, dubbed "Oasis", was presented at the Geneva Motor Show. Installed this time around: the HARTING miniMICA, a further development of the MICA. Here, the driver has the opportunity to combine different computing components in various ways, enabling the system to be configured differently and thus use the car’s resources efficiently.

Der neueste Clou: Das Konzeptfahrzeug "Snap" von Rinspeed
The latest strike: a futuristic mobility concept from Rinspeed called "Snap"

The most recent example of the pioneering collaboration between Rinspeed AG and the HARTING Technology Group is demonstrated in the concept vehicle "Snap", which was presented last January at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The family-owned company from Espelkamp supplies the Swiss firm with its fast-charging technology in order to charge the "Snap" in a hurry. That puts Rinspeed in the same club with Volkswagen, Porsche and BMW: HARTING already provides e-mobility solutions to these latter companies. This "fast-charging" technology makes it clear that the HARTING portfolio of components and products for e-mobility is becoming ever larger.

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