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Energy storage devices with smart connection

Insertion elements with Han-Modular® docking frames
Insertion elements with Han-Modular® docking frames
A modular energy storage sytsem is scalable, can be set up quickly and is easy to maintain.

Thanks to advances in energy technology, especially in energy management, storage capacities have gained enormously in importance. Energy storage devices are primarily used in the industrial sector at present, chiefly for load compensation and the short-term provision of large quantities of power.

Sinowatt Dongguan Ltd. is a company specialising in energy technology whose core business is research, development and production of lithium-ion accumulators. Energy storage systems (ESS), including their control unit, are modularly designed, with an energy storage module serving as the basic unit. A module can store some 2.4 kWh of electricity. Several different modules can be placed together in a rack, side by side with interfaces for performance and data transfer. The modular approach facilitates the standardisation of the ESS, which allows it to be adapted quickly and flexibly to the user’s requirements.

Integrated ESSs can only be flexibly deployed if they have simple and practical interfaces. Insertion elements for ESS which are equipped with Han-Modular® docking frames can be easily inserted into the guide rails of a storage cabinet. Using “blind mating”, the energy storage unit is automatically connected to the frame's power and control bus when inserted. No additional steps are needed to assemble the entire system.

In the Sinowatt application, the HARTING connector modules not only meet the requirements with respect to flexibility, secure communication and robustness. They also streamline the design of the system and inspire further development of the ESS thanks to the manifold options of the Han-Modular®.

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