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Dynamic Duo: MICA® teams with AIS host computer

Line control in a heterogeneous plant facility
MICA® teams with AIS host computer

The Dresden-based AIS Automation team is comprised of software experts in the field of factory automation and IT solutions. As an internationally oriented company, AIS specialises in development and integration services. The company’s targeted software solutions are deployed in process automation and machine control, as well as in factory-wide production IT.

When it comes to the production environments of automotive suppliers, the traceability (Track & Trace) of individual parts as they make their way through processes – e.g. in CNC machining – plays an increasingly important role. Collected data must be thoroughly analysed to effect process optimisation and quality control. On the one hand, this is required by the customer. On the other, this type of traceability generates a not insignificant competitive advantage for the supplier.

“The payoff is particularly offered by the industrial suitability, modular design and the expandability of the MICA®.”

Frank Tannhäuser, Sales Manager Factory and Manufacturing Automation

This is where the HARTING MICA® comes into play in conjunction with the AIS line controller "FabEagle® Line Control" and forms the core component for production control within this constellation. The MICA® integrates additional hardware components such as Data Matrix Code (DMC) scanners, operator pushbuttons and signal lamps needed to implement material tracking on the CNC machine. In addition, as an Edge Computing device the HARTING MICA® establishes communication with the host computer. To support material interlock, it also ensures that a corresponding relay is controlled in the CNC machine. This prevents e.g. multiple processing of material and/or NOK material. In future, MICA will perform the analysis and evaluation of the torque from the CNC spindle. These results will then be passed on to the AIS master computer.

The payoff is particularly offered by the industrial suitability, modular design and expandability of the MICA®, which teams with the master computer such that the integrated systems behave like a modern I4.0-capable system. Other bonuses include the low installation effort and the fact that no adjustments to the system software are required.

In brief:

  • Acquisition of process data, alarms and messages via the existing equipment interface
  • Material tracing
  • No changes to existing system software
Frank Tannhäuser
Frank Tannhäuser, Sales Manager Factory and Manufacturing Automation
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