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Connectors Add High Value to Gearmotors

Sumitomo Heavy Industries
Yasuhiro Oshima
Field Sales Engineer, HARTING Technologiegruppe

By following these principles, convincing performance and high standards can be achieved. Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd, featuring the world’s top-level share of gear reducers located in Japan and the HARTING Technology Group – both long time partners within the automation industry – share these characteristics. Both companies have several success factors in common: High levels of innovation, uncompromising quality, pronounced customer orientation and international positioning.

HARTING has developed into a global technology group within 75 years. Today the company is one of the world's leading suppliers of industrial connection technology for the three lifelines of power, signal and data. Connectors simplify installation and the maintenance of machines. They are easy to handle and prevent incorrect connections, enabling customers to rapidly commission systems without skilled technicians. In case of system error, it is possible to quickly remove and repair or replace only the defective module. HARTING has set the standard for industrial connectors with the Han® range, which is widely in use on machinery worldwide, including gearmotors used to drive industrial machines.

Sumitomo Heavy Industries has recently adopted the Han® 3 A, the compact industrial connector from HARTING, for the power connection of its compact gearmotors for the global market. HARTING has provided the company with similar solution for its gearmotors since the early 2000s.

The global model of gearmotors offered by Sumitomo Heavy Industries complies with standards and regulations in Japan, Europe, the US, Canada, China and Korea. It supports input power of 200 V, 50/60 Hz and 220 V, 60Hz, which makes the motors operational around the world by using a transformer to convert voltage. Companies with global business operations as well as system integrators exporting systems with the gearmotors can standardize components to facilitate system design, purchasing and inventory management.

Han® connectors from HARTING enhance the value of Sumitomo Heavy Industries’ products with similar advantages. Connectors standardize the interface of the machine, a simple and compact design which reduces time and effort for the design and preparation of technical documents. As they require fewer parts, ordering and inventory management become simple.

The end user can also benefit from HARTING connectors. They require less effort for termination, enabling commissioning without special technical knowledge and easy replacement of components in case of defects or configuration change. Locking levers ensure secure connection mechanically as well as visually.

 Sumitomo Heavy Industries
PREST NEO Gearmotor from Sumitomo Heavy Industries (l.) and HYPONIC Gearmotor from Sumitomo Heavy Industries (r.)
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