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A strong partnership

Hirose and HARTING have the best solution for the customer
Matthias Fritsche
Matthias Fritsche
Product Manager, HARTING Electronics
HARTING and Hirose

Integrated Industry denotes a change process that is revolutionising industrial production around the globe. The associated challenges are enormous, and call for partnerships that are equally global.

In line with the motto “Together we are stronger”, last year saw HARTING enter into a partnership with Japanese connector specialist Hirose Electric. The goal of the partnership is to effect synergies based on the strengths of both partners. On the one hand, Hirose as a traditional manufacturer of connectors for device cabling and, on the other, HARTING, with its expertise in the area of field-installable, industrial cabling for networks and automation profiles.

After considering the current market requirements, one thing quickly became clear – the goal of the joint development effort needed to be a completely new Ethernet interface that is significantly smaller and faster than the solutions offered to date. Keeping in mind the hitherto somewhat fragile RJ45 solutions, the robustness required for industrial applications needed to be a given as well. The result of these joint efforts is the ix Industrial® connector, which has now been standardised according to PAS/IEC 61076-3-124.

This partnership has just one goal in mind: The best solution for our customers

In the course of the project, HARTING not only looked at the individual connection via a connector, but also the overall cabling for the customer and its automation profiles. In field cabling in particular, demands on handling and performance are in the foreground. This includes, above all, field-assembly capability and modern Cat.6A performance. More and more camera systems, sensors and even actuators are connected directly via Ethernet and have generated a need to handle higher data volumes. In order to ensure this performance, the mating face has been equipped with 10 pins arranged in two rows of 5 in parallel and separated by a shielding plate. In addition, the middle pins in both rows are connected to the printed circuit board and offer additional shielding for the required performance due to their grounding.

Thanks to the broad technological know-how of two leading companies, customers have more investment security and a worldwide presence that ensures greater proximity to the customer. Service, rapid customised adjustments and the short delivery times enabled by this proximity are all important factors which increase customer satisfaction. This aspect particularly stands out when one realises that HARTING and Hirose have not merely created the umpteenth industrial connection, but rather that a new, international standard is now available to every manufacturer. This creates investment security for both the user and the manufacturer.

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