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SPE Industrial Partner Network on course for success

Communication between sensor and cloud
Marian Dümke
Marian Dümke
Global Product Manager Network Interface Connectors, HARTING Electronics

The SPE Industrial Partner Network is made up of a team of specialists that work on the requirements for successfully implementing the industrial Internet-of-Things (IIoT). Their common goal: a new physical layer for industrial automation. This is the last missing link for seamless real-time communication between the cloud and each sensor. It should bring an end to the Babylonian linguistic confusion at field level caused by various BUS protocols. The team of experts is advocating for uniform, international standards for Single Pair Ethernet technology. The benefit for users: know-how transfer and investment security in new networks.

SPE Industrial Partner Network
An extract of the list of partners of the SPE Industrial Partner Network

Growth of the SPE Industrial Partner Network

Since its foundation in November 2019, the SPE Industrial Partner Network increased more than fivefold in just a few months. From seven in the beginning, the team has now grown to 37 members. Regardless of whether they are an international corporate giant or a small IIoT specialist, all the network members meet on an equal footing in pursuit of a common goal: the creation of an SPE ecosystem based on uniform standards. The fundamental thinking behind this is that even if there are technological giants among the members, no one company can establish the technology away from internationally applicable standards. Components like connectors, cables, magnetics, PHY chips or devices and the applications in IIoT that become possible with SPE are too diverse.

“The SPE Industrial Partner Network is the international platform for mutual exchange and cooperation between SPE experts and IIoT drivers.”

Jonas Diekmann, Member of Marketing working group SPE Industrial Partner Network

Automation requires security and compatibility

To stop the Babylonian linguistic confusion at field level and so that all participants can speak one language – Ethernet – SPE is required as the new physical layer based on uniform international standards. For automation, what is needed is security and comprehensive compatibility. All members thus warmly welcomed the SPE connector standard IEC 63171-6 published in the beginning of 2020. The only standard that is also referenced in the standards for SPE raw cables, structured cabling and the IEEE 802.3 Ethernet protocol.

Call for team players

Motivated and specialist participants are needed to assess, define and implement the requirements for IIoT. If you are an Ethernet specialist and would like to play an active role in shaping the future of Automation 4.0, then the SPE Industrial Partner Network is what you are looking for.


  • Basics of Industry 4.0
  • Standards for SPE technology
  • From the sensor to the cloud: sharing production data across sites


For future decision-makers within industry:

  • Work with other experts to define international standards for Automation 4.0
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