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Software solution packages for efficient manufacturing

PerFact Innovation offers customisable modules for service and maintenance, logistics and process management
Dr. Robert Rae
Dr. Robert Rae
CEO PerFact Innovation GmbH

Founded in 1998, Herford-based PerFact Innovation GmbH & Co. KG develops professional software solutions for service and maintenance, logistics and process management. Thanks to standardised yet customisable modules that can be used to supplement existing ERP systems in the area of machine service and logistics, the customer’s work processes can be streamlined and overall effectiveness boosted -- regardless of company size and industry.

In the longstanding partnership between the HARTING Technology group and PerFact Innovation, the increasing importance of software for automation applications has seen the business-driven family expand its involvement with the PerFact group of companies since the end of 2019. Cloud platforms and Industry 4.0 strategies form the focus of the collaboration and thus the basis for holistic concepts for customers.

While hardware components and devices will always comprise a central component of the automation industry, software plays an increasingly important role.

The HARTING Technology Group focuses on connecting machines to the Internet through the MICA® Edge Computing platform. The ideal partnership with PerFact Innovation has long evinced itself around the digital twin of the HARTING HAII4YOU Smart Factory, for example at the last few Hanover trade fairs: HARTING with hardware components and PerFact with software solutions to port all device data to the Cloud.

Digital twin – increasing services and minimising costs

Remote service solutions for remote maintenance and service-related activities have long been established. The use of a virtual image – “digital twin” – of machinery installed worldwide is on the march. This facilitates service operations and creates new possibilities, for example for condition monitoring.

Servicing machines and systems installed worldwide is a highly relevant cost factor for machine manufacturers during the warranty phase. Every on-site visit by a technician that can be saved by using online access is worth cash in hand. Today, a virtual model of machines and systems can be created with reasonable effort. Such digital twins will in the future accompany the entire life cycle. Clear visualisations and new assistance systems with user-friendly user interfaces simplify access to machines installed worldwide, as well as experts’ communication with machines installed at customer premises.

"The cooperation forms the basis for the development of new holistic concepts for the customer."

Dr. Robert Rae, CEO PerFact Innovation GmbH & Co. KG

The HARTING MICA® (Modular Industry Computing Architecture) enables access to machines and records machine data. Widely differing solution expertise is brought together here: connecting machines with a wide variety of sensors, defining data interfaces, basic analysis functions, the visualisation of selected machine parameters, and secure external access to a machine. The entire process is documented and is centrally available as plant history - thanks to modular HARTING hardware and flexible, Linux-based open source software from PerFact that adapts to any challenge.

Information can be collected and processed immediately, worldwide and at any time. The resulting ability to perform remote machine maintenance, which can also be done using mobile smart devices, reduces throughput times and increases availability. Goods flows can be accelerated and made more transparent. Here, PerFact Innovation creates ideal solutions, products and support for different sectors and industries.

Operation via a secure, web-based platform simplifies expansion to additional user groups while simultaneously avoiding additional license costs.

Dr. Robert Rae
Dr. Robert Rae, CEO PerFact Innovation GmbH
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