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Shop intelligence

Self-learning AI increases customer benefit during product search
Guido Selhorst
Guido Selhorst
Leader Corporate Market Communication, HARTING Stiftung & Co. KG

With 20,000 articles on offer, quickly finding what one actually searched for in the online shop requires a very good product search process in and of itself. However, to find meaningful product combinations or complete solutions requires the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI delivers a high-quality search result for the customer – relevant, up to date and accurate. In its eShop, HARTING relies on self-learning AI with clear added value for the customer.

Find what you didn’t search for at all

The user doesn’t need to input an intelligent search query, but the search result must be high-quality. For HARTING customers, the search results that they did not wholly expect make sense: entire solution groups or application-specific variations.

Due to their high practical relevance, such search results offer the customer great benefits.

For most searches, shop systems require that the customer know in advance what to look for. Still, the customer can’t possibly be familiar with the complete product portfolio - certainly not the diversity of the HARTING Connectivity range and its possible combinations. The art of a recommendation engine is thus to use the search result to give the searcher an idea of which solution packages he can obtain for his "problem" in the first place.

More clever with every inquiry

The AI-based shop search is based on a very good database. It evaluates data such as transactions completed, search behaviour, interests, and similar solution packages. With each inquiry, the system is enriched with additional data which is factored in in the future. These self-learning mechanisms automatically make the system smarter. Articles that are newly added to the shop are continuously indexed for searches and integrated into relevant solution groups. Thus, the customer always obtains a real-time view of the complete HARTING product range and top current results.

“The hard-programmed recommendations used by many online stores usually don't work. That's why we rely on an intelligent AI search in the shop."

Guido Selhorst, Head of Corporate Market Communication


  • HAN® Configurator plus database based on practical application scenarios provide exact product search results in the eShop
  • Customers find the right solution from the complete connectivity range in the fast self-service mode
  • High-quality, dynamic, real-time based AI search

For future decision-makers

  • Find individual articles or entire solution groups: fast and comprehensive
  • Get to know application and market-relevant variations
  • Participate based on the search queries of other industry participants
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