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Our own Smart Factory shows her skills

"HARTING Integrated Industry 4 You" in productive use
Dr. Volker Franke
Dr. Volker Franke
Managing Director, HARTING Applied Technologies

Integrated Industry combines automation and information technology to enable new business models, new products and services or increased reliability and productivity. HARTING has implemented an extensive array of solutions in its own Smart Factory, dubbed “HARTING Integrated Industry 4 You” (HAII4YOU).

The HAII4YOU Factory Complete vertical integration - from the customer to the flexible manufacture of a modular plug connector - demonstrates how business processes could change in the future. First, a Han-Modular® connector is configured and ordered in an online store, followed by further processing in SAP and fully automated manufacture. The process also permits the customer to apply its own labelling, e.g. a part number.

Integration in SAP with the packages ERP, ME and MII was performed by HARTING specialists. The process involves manufacturing the Han-Modular® connector in three production cells of the HAII4YOU Factory. The cells have their own control systems and are guided by special flow diagrams that are assigned to the respective product as the product memory. In the first cell, four different-sized Han-Modular® hinged frames are extracted. In cell number two, assembly of the module inserts takes place, while labelling is performed in the third cell. A laser applies both the customised labelling as well as a QR code with which the product configuration can be displayed.

Intelligent stop points configure themselves and assume control over the product flow.

Items are transported between the cells by a novel conveyor track. Intelligent stop points in the form of cyber physical systems (CPS) configure themselves and assume control over the product flow. Identification of the product within a manufacturing cell takes place via HARTING RFID technology and the new HARTING IIC MICA modular integration platform.

HARTING's in-house Smart Factory - HAII4YOU
HARTING's in-house Smart Factory - HAII4YOU

If the selected product configuration requires a cell’s setting to be changed, Plug&Produce-enabled magazine modules are exchanged. The modules feature standardised interfaces based on Han-Modular®. Similar modularity also exists for the manufacturing cells themselves, which can be arranged and exchanged in any order. An infrastructure box supplies all the necessary power and data cables and compressed air.

As a result, the HAII4YOU application demonstrates the HARTING Technology Group’s Integrated Industry expertise at all levels - from the product through to complete solutions.

Discover our own Smart Factory at the HANNOVER MESSE 2018!

Visit us in Hall 11, C15 from April 23th to 27th.
We are looking forward to seeing you!

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