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The only constant is change

University talent transfers cutting-edge technology know-how
Enrique Campomanes Miguel
Enrique Campomanes Miguel
Student Trainee Data Science, HARTING IT Software Development
University talent

In global competition, HARTING can only maintain its position if the group of companies continues to be in the technological lead. As in any technology-driven group, highly qualified employees are the biggest asset. This is why HARTING recruits specialists in the international university environment who are involved in highly practical research in relevant future fields. "Artificial Intelligence" is just one of numerous topics that form a symbiosis between future-looking university theory and state-of-the-art business practice.

What is true today is already different tomorrow

This has also been the experience of 25-year old Spanish university student Enrique Campomanes Miguel. As an intern in Strategic Technology Development at HARTING, Miquel studied the use of containers on a field device in production as part of the ongoing development of the MICA®.

Miguel was additionally given the task of helping build a Big Data infrastructure. This was largely implemented in the Cloud and based on a microservice architecture, with the result that "Infrastructure as Code" is already standard in this area at HARTING.

Enrique Campomanes Miguel
Enrique Campomanes Miguel, Trainee Data Science, HARTING IT Software Development

“Top-qualified university graduates ensure that we have the latest technology know-how. This means we always have our finger on the pulse of the times.”

Linking science and practice

In 2019, HARTING relies strategically on the key technologies of artificial intelligence. For example, after returning to the company with a master's degree in the bag, Miquel has the opportunity to test out AI methods in practice on the HARTING data science team. How can damage to machines be recognised, or support be provided to co-workers in administration? Models are used that improve automatically whenever new data yields better results and all previously defined tests have been passed.

And what do HARTING customers get out of this symbiosis between "science and practice"? Quite simply, state-of-the-art, innovative products from science and technology.


  • Symbiosis of university know-how andpractical application
  • Well-trained university graduates ensure technology transfer - an added value for the customer

For future decision-makers

  • With HARTING on the "technological pulse of the times"
  • Pioneer in research and development of the latest technologies



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