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Miniaturisation as the formula of the future

PCB series with variety of sizes for all customer requirements
Felix Kiel
Felix Kiel
Product Manager, HARTING Electronics

The industrial circuit board connectors of the future are compact, variable and often manufactured to the specific, custom demands of industrial buyers. Given the array of increasingly compact devices being designed, customers are calling for connectors that are compact, robust and variable In different heights. Industry 4.0, with its miniaturised solutions, is going down a future-oriented path that places significant demands on the development of circuit boards.


Design dictates the height

The trend towards the production of compact devices remains intact. In addition, there is a wealth of sizes and shapes. When it comes to the device interior, this results in a number of special challenges for manufacturers. Defined positions and sizes for electronic components limit flexibility. These vary from device to device. As a result, what is needed is an interface that fits into just about any application and that also offers significant robustness. Manufacturers can now avail themselves of a broad selection of components in this respect.

There’s something for everyone

The HARTING har-flex® series covers a wide range of PCB clearances between 8-20 mm. The series’ particular allure is the fact that it offers a wide variety of pin counts, attachments and heights. To ensure cost-effective and automated production, all har-flex® connectors are suitable for reflow soldering systems. With a small pitch of 1.27 mm, the product meets the need for space-saving components on the printed circuit board. When larger board heights are called for, HARTING offers the IDC ribbon cable assembly.

Small means precise and high-quality

Since they are the heart of many devices, the quality of printed circuit boards and their connectors is central. This is why it is not only the individual components that assure quality. The layout, along with the so-called coplanarity of signal contacts and pins - i.e. the parallel and even alignment - must also meet the highest quality requirements. To ensure a good solder joint, HARTING checks the quality of all contacts during production. Precision is top priority in the miniaturisation concept.


  • Robust, miniaturised design
  • Small interface with pitch of 1.27 mm
  • Suitable for Pick & Place
  • Reflow soldering process possible

For future decision-makers of Production 4.0

  • Wide range of har-Flex® series of 8-20 mm board heights
  • Large range of pin numbers (6 - 100 pins), attachments (SMT or THR hold-downs) and heights
  • Highest quality components and coplanarity (arrangement of the contacts and pins)
  • Optical quality control according to IPC-A610 Class 3 and other controls
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