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From a website to a digital business platform
Kristin Dechert
Kristin Dechert
Online Marketing Manager, HARTING Stiftung & Co. KG

A few months ago, the start button for HARTING's digital business platform was pressed on the internet – thereby charting a necessary course for the future. Instead of just designing the technology group's online presence in the form of a new external presentation, the so-called HARTING Digital Business Platform – HDBP for short – is much more than that. The platform bundles all processes and customer interfaces that the company maps on the internet. Prospects, customers and partners who approach the technology group via the Web will experience the new, digital HARTING in this way.

Personal contact and interaction with the customer play an essential role.

Personalisation and interaction are important buzzwords in the course of re designing into a digital business platform. The personal factor is immensely important in the networking of corporate content and all the functions of the e-store. On the one hand, visitors are offered exactly the content that they really care about, for example when it comes to the different markets served by the technology group. The respective visitor interests are perceived, analysed and brought into focus according to their preferences.

First of all, interaction plays an essential role in the context of personal contact with the customer. On the one hand, the system points out the right contact person, while on the other hand it also offers a direct and immediate means of communication via eChat. In this way, the platform is not only used to enable people to link to the digital processes, such as when using the Han® Configurator, it should also serve to connect people to one another.

How does the third step succeed – linking the digital processes at HARTING with the customer's digital processes? These approaches are currently still in their infancy. Nevertheless, the first steps in this direction can already be seen. Just to take one example: customers who have an OCI (Open Catalog Interface) coupling transfer the products selected in the HARTING eCatalogue to their own purchasing portal via this SAP interface. Further moves of this type will continuously follow in order to respond to the digital transformation.

Always a hit into the bull´s eye - - You always hit the bull´s eye!
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