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Focus on digital solutions

peraMIC Business Model
Philip Harting
Philip Harting
Chairman of the Board, HARTING Technologiegruppe
peraMIC Business Model

The further entrenchment of digital solutions has resulted in re-establishing "peraMIC" as one of the main pillars of HARTING Digital Solutions. HARTING aggregates all activities under "Digital Solutions" in order to promote the partnership between the companies PerFact Innovations, Perinet, and peraMIC, and in order to strengthen the This clear focus on digital solutions and the resulting synergies strengthen Harting’s position as a provider of solutions and components for the digital transformation of the industrial sector.

We want to shape the future with technologies for people.

Extract from the HARTING corporate vision

peraMIC’s autonomy guarantees even faster, more agile and flexible action, resulting in even stronger customer orientation. peraMIC is chiefly tasked with expanding the MICA® modular edge computing system developed by HARTING, as well as with the development of special software and RFID solutions. There is close collaboration with the companies in the to continue development of the MICA® edge device - both in an organisational as well as commercial manner. MICA® is the link between the field level and the Cloud and is intended to create solutions for remote maintenance, intralogistics and condition monitoring. The goal is to help customers position themselves as both future-proof and strongly competitive.

The is a central component

The user community launched in 2016 – the – is and remains a cornerstone. The network’s partners from Germany and abroad have set themselves the task of developing innovative concepts and solutions to digitise and network processes and objects. MICA® is the central element for in-house applications and business models. Here, the focus is on pooling the skills of these partners and exchanging ideas with one another: presenting in-house expertise, learning from others, jointly mastering complex challenges and being open to new ideas -- and, ultimately, to create better solutions.

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