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Convenient configuration

Identify interfaces intuitively and visually
Andreas Wedel
Andreas Wedel
Head of Technical Competence Center, HARTING Electric
HAN® Configurator

Agile development methods are also in demand among mechanical design engineers. The latter have little time to deal with details such as interfaces, connectors and their combination possibilities. That's why the HARTING HAN® Configurator is ideal for you - because it gets you to your destination in just a few mouse clicks. Just a few intuitive inputs provide an initial quick solution that can be gradually refined. A 3D model visually displays the configuration for you.

Solutions from the modular building block system

The user can click together his desired configuration with or without the selection assistant in just a few minutes. The logic of the online inquiry is on a level of that of a consultation with a [sales] engineer [employee]. Fields are provided for required performance, transmission and interlocking mode, enclosure and protection class, and feature convenient drop-down selection for quick completion. After a few minutes, the user is presented with a configuration result that will function properly.

Intelligent consulting tool

HARTING consulting engineers have equipped the Han® Configurator with their expertise. With the Configurator, consulting questions about details can be clarified "online", and a direct discussion with HARTING can concentrate on the essentials. The customer has a choice: are the tool’s suggestions sufficient, or will he or she use them as the basis for a further, personal consultation with a sales representative? HARTING has made the quality and efficiency of online consulting even more customer-friendly in the new version of the tool.

HAN® Configurator Screen


  • 3D model, type- and parts lists
  • Cross-site teamwork

For future decision-makers in mechanical engineering

  • Quickly find the appropriate components
  • Consider alternative interface solutions
  • 3D model for safe decisions
  • Supported teamwork (mutually provide and edit configurations)
  • Technical documentation data is downloadable
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