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Artificial intelligence will control production

AI concrete: From the vision of the future to the production hall
Dr. Andreas Imhoff
Dr. Andreas Imhoff
Managing Director Operations, HARTING Electric
Artificial intelligence will control production

While the public is still discussing the advantages and disadvantages of artificial intelligence in all areas, HARTING is already striving to achieve the quick maturity of AI-based processes - to include in production. The hope there is to see decisive, positive effects that can be passed on to customers.

The evolution of AI

Order planning is complex. An optimal planning sequence, matched to the order sequence and available machine resources, determines how quickly and efficiently customers are served. Today, production processes are controlled in rule-based fashion. The goal is to find the best option from a variety of possibilities and to specify a perfect sequence.

In order to find the optimal sequence in the future, systems will have to be developed that find the best out of an infinite number of possible options and that balance things in such a way that a perfect sequence is created. This also requires the mass processing of large volumes of data in order to "calculate" such a result in the first place. This is exactly where the concept of "Artificial Intelligence" comes in. In the future, trained neural networks, rule-based algorithms and high computing power will be available to make intelligent predictions. AI will deliver the results needed for long-term competitiveness: short set-up times, optimal machine utilisation, low downtime thanks to integrated maintenance intervals, fast order processing, no delivery delays...all to generate a high level of customer satisfaction.

Quality per manufacturing step

HARTING actively tests the possibilities offered by artificial intelligence methods. The question that sticks out here is whether AI can improve the control of individual production steps? The fundamental topics of actuators, sensors and control have been gaining in importance ever since the digitisation projects of Industry 4.0. HARTING goes one step further. Now, all the associated data is intended to be used for completely new quality demands - and at every level of production. This will likely make customers happy as well.

”We're already able to read data from a wide range of different machine generations. The quality and volume of this data will be the foundation for AI-driven production.“

Dr. Andreas Imhoff, Managing Director Operations, HARTING Electric


  • Goal: Autonomous production control via AI
  • HARTING uses AI experience potential to further develop processes and methods used in production


For future decision makers

  • AI results in production are passed on to customers
  • Future-ready order management makes HARTING a strong partner
  • As a supplier, HARTING is an AI pioneer and not a "follower"
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