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Application examples: peraMIC

With MICA (Modular Industry Computing Architecture), digitisation projects can be realised quickly and easily - directly on systems and machines.

Precise call-off control and re-procurement via eKanban

The MICA-based RFID reader Ha-VIS RF-R300, when teamed up with the appropriate transponder technology and antennas as well as middleware integrated in the reader (GS1 ALE 1.1 standard), offers all the necessary components for building a simple and flexible eKanban Cloud solution. By joining forces with peraMIC and PerFact, customers can be offered an even more efficient, versatile and cost-effective solution. The added value produced through, for instance, real-time inventory reporting, efficient replenishment control and seamless ERP integration for SAP, etc. includes reliable replenishment, reduced inventory levels and increased productivity.

The advantage of cooperation with partners such as PerFact and others is that product development can be carried out even more effectively, and the entire system integration network worldwide benefits from it.

Condition monitoring of robots

The company relies on the MICA when manufacturing two new production lines in the food industry, with the MICA monitoring and transmitting the essential parameters of the robots that are deployed. Orders recorded in the ERP are transmitted to the MICA MySQL container. Based on the structure of the item data and order master data, process systems such as weighing and packaging technology are set up automatically. The Stäubli TX200L and RX160L industrial robots are equipped with automatic tool changing systems and adjust product palletisation based on picking parameters, and provide automatic notification when an order is complete. In addition, the MICA edge computing device processes all relevant process data and features a dashboard that provides production personnel with current identification data and order data, as well as fault diagnosis.

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