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SPE Industrial Partner Network gaining momentum

New members of the SPE Industrial Partner Network round out the team of experts
Frank Welzel
Head of Global Product Management HARTING Electronics
SPE Industrial Partner Network

The network has only been active since 2019: The SPE Industrial Partner Network e.V. And now, in March 2020, the number of members of the Single-Pair-Ethernet-Partner Program had already doubled since its inception. This clearly underlines the relevance of the SPE for the future of automation and the companies' desire for standards, innovations and exchange revolving around the topic. A total of 20 renowned technology leaders from the automation industry are now cooperating to achieve one single goal: to actively develop and advance the SPE ecosystem. The new partners are augmenting the expertise of the existing companies, while providing new impetus for teamwork. A dynamic course towards the future of IIoT has now been set in motion.

An opportunity to actively shape the future

All partner companies perceive the joint cooperation as a great opportunity to create a hallmark of quality for IIoT and to actively participate in the development of the PES ecosystem, thereby initiating further developments in such a way that everyone will stand to benefits.

Before "smart" communication at field level can work, however, a uniform, standardized infrastructure of cables and interfaces is called for that harmonize securely with each other. It is only when this prerequisite is met that the development of marketable products can set in. It was clear from the beginning: The future workshop of the SPE Industrial Partner Network relies on many different competencies.

Mutual benefits

In view of the above, it is therefore gratifying that, in addition to experts from the cable and connectivity sectors, new partners are now also coming on board to provide device-side magnetics. Automation specialists are also joining in and generating decisive impetus. Naturally, partners who can develop test equipment are also welcome additions. FLUKE Networks, for example, was able to fill this role.

Besides the founding members*, the following companies are now members of the SPE Industrial Partner Network e.V. : igus, DEHN, Helu Kabel, Molex, Amphenol, Lütze, ESCHA, Perinet, EKF System, Hirschmann Automation, Metz Connect, Fluke Networks and Zhaolong.  Other interesting companies have already expressed their interest to additionally bolster the network with their know-how.

"The new members complement and strengthen the SPE Ecosystem.”

Frank Welzel, Member of the Board of Directors of SPE Industrial Partner Network e.V.

Cooperation and output

There is a great deal to be done for the common, overarching objective of "PES - the infrastructure for IIoT". In automation, SPE enables the barrier-free connection of field devices, sensor and actuator technology. The field level becomes "smart", thereby reducing the effort and input involved in parameterisation, initialisation and programming. The construction, operation and maintenance of systems become more efficient and cost-effective. For the first time, Ethernet can communicate from the cloud to the field level in a space- and cost-efficient manner.

The team is now tackling the challenges of the new infrastructure for protocols, e.g. with PROFINET, which enables IP-based communication down to the field level. Design-in studies, prototypes of first SPE devices and IIoT applications are also among the projects that the partners are driving forward.

The aim is to exchange work results, questions and product ideas on a common platform.

SPE Industrial Partner Network

Fit for the future:

  • The SPE ecosystem also includes standards for transmission protocols, cabling and device components.
  • As an enabler for IIot, SPE is capable of connecting hundreds to thousands of sensors and actuators in manufacturing operations. The SPE Industrial Partner Network provides users with answers to all questions concerning SPE and IIoT.


For future decision-makers in industry:

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