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Space-saving and powerful

The new, problem-solving har-flex® connectors
Niklas Wittler
Niklas Wittler
Product Manager Board Connectors, HARTING Electronics
har-flex®  Connectors

For an end customer to give their new camera a 5-star rating, it would indicate a high level of satisfaction with the performance of the electronic device: the camera is conveniently small, fits ergonomically in the hand and takes top-quality pictures. The powerful micro-processors are responsible for this, with each new generation of processor surpassing its predecessors in the speed and complexity of computing operations. In both the consumer and industrial sectors, the trend of device miniaturisation is on the rise. This was what prompted the development of a connector for industrial applications that has solved numerous challenges: the har-flex® series.

Small and powerful

Challenge 1: Connectivity. The transmission of power and signals in tight spaces places high demands on the technical design of a connector. The PCBs of a device have to be flexibly connected, which means that the modular size is the first aspect that comes into play. The space-saving har-flex® connectors, measuring just 1.27 mm, provide the flexibility needed for every application.

Small and flexible

Challenge 2: Pins and stacking heights. The art is in ensuring that there are no function restrictions due to the reduced size. Industrial applications require a selection of pins. The har-flex® connector offers a pin number of between 6 and 100, while stacking heights from 8 to 20 mm provide developers with numerous options.

Small and scalable

Challenge 3: To ensure high power transmission using a small number of contacts in tight spaces. The har-flex® Power was developed for precisely this. It was designed for the transmission of high currents of up to 12 A and for an ambient temperature of up to 80°C. This variant of the har-flex® product family also offers a modular production concept with flexible pin numbers from 2-12 and a modular size of 2.54 mm. Users also have a choice between SMT and THR power contact versions. While the SMT contacts leave the back of the board virtually untouched, the THR contacts provide improved heat dissipation and greater stability.

“Thanks to the wide selection of connectors offered by the har-flex® family, the right connector can be provided for even the smallest industrial application.”

Niklas Wittler, Gobal Product Manager Board Connectors HARTING Electronics

Small and capable of being combined

Challenge 4: Combination of signal and power. The har-flex® hybrid is the best option here. It combines both in one insulation material, while also offering a choice of various connection options for miniaturised solutions. The har-flex® Hybrid connectors can be used in parallel with (mezzanine) printed circuit board, extender card and motherboard-to-doorboard configurations.

Small and capable of high transmission

Challenge 5: To transfer very high data rates. It gets even smaller and more powerful. The har-flex® HD Card Edge is the connector with the astounding transmission speed of up to 25 Gbit/s. 


The har-flex® series solves all the challenges of modern industrial connection technology: maximum flexibility with respect to connectivity, pins and stacking heights. It also offers the option of high power transmission in very tight spaces, is capable of combining signal and power and permits extremely high data rates.



  • Miniaturised connectors with a wide range of options and functions


For future decision-makers within industry:

  • Ideal for modular IO systems and state-of-the-art control applications
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