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Secure signal transmission requires little space

Han® DDD: Interface supports miniaturisation in robotics
Maik Iphöfer
Maik Iphöfer
Productmanager, HARTING Electric
miniaturisation in robotics

The Han® DDD is currently the industrial connector that most consistently illustrates miniaturisation in the field of robotics. The compact monoblock construction of the Han D® series enables high transmission performance in a minimum of space, and the triple "D" of the latest exponent of the series stands for the highest contact density.

Space-saving solutions are a fundamental topic in mechanical engineering, robotics and automation. To meet this trend, HARTING has developed the Han D® series. The Han® DDD offers more than twice as many contacts as Han DD® – while boasting the same dimensions and electrical properties. The "Triple D" can transmit signals or power with a maximum of 107 contacts. The electric power (max. 250 V/10 A) is similar to that of the Han DD® connector. The higher contact density was achieved via structures that extend the creepage distances between the contacts. The improved PE connection also frees up more insulating body area for additional contact chambers, while the staggered arrangement of the chambers further reduces the distance between the contact rows. As a result, Han® DDD connectors can be deployed to optimise the installation space in conventional control cabinets. This enables space-saving applications in all industrial areas where electrical power and signal transmission play a role.

Designed for miniaturisation

Since there are more than twice as many contacts on a surface compared to the previous standard, with the same electrical properties, users acquire usable control panel space. In addition, the cost of using the Han® DDD is reduced since the number of contacts per interface increases. Assembly time is shortened as well, thanks to a uniform connection technology. In addition, no additional tool is required during processing, e.g. to attach the wire end sleeves of the PE contacts.

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