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Prefabricated cable assemblies individually adapted to modular conveyor systems

Rapid commissioning
Matthias Wiehe
Matthias Wiehe
Head of Global Project Engineering AMRT, HARTING Customised Solutions
Rapid commissioning

Online commerce has long been setting the pace in logistics. New logistics centres are opening their doors in record time. Not only must project management function smoothly, but the timing of installation work must be perfect. Modularly structured conveyor technology reduces installation times on the construction site, while offering long-term flexibility in terms of ease of maintenance and recommissioning. HARTING Customised Solutions is catering to these modularisation trends with pre-assembled cabling for manufacturers of modular conveyor technology – and is hitting the mark with customers.

Reduce installation times

Extensive plants and facilities, modular or mobile systems are increasingly relying on decentralised drive technology. Just as with new distribution centres, the aim here is fast and simple commissioning. Modular cabling concepts for connecting devices and their supply with power, data and signals are an ideal complement here. Operating in this highly individualized market, HARTING is serving clients with customizable products.

A Perfect Match: conveyor systems, environment, connectors and connection technology

HARTING always offers the optimum connection technology, and not only in terms of connectors. To further minimise the installation input and effort, we go one step further. Prefabricated cables according to customer requirements, optimally adapted to the modular conveyor systems and adapted to the ambient conditions, considerably simplify production, testing and commissioning. In this context, it is entirely irrelevant which devices or drive manufacturers are opted for. At the end of the day, the only thing that counts during commissioning is that the correct connectors are matched and cable lengths fit. Rapid, uncomplicated and safe.

Power and motor connection assemblies

In the field of power supply and distribution, the Han-Compact® connector in particular ranks virtually as a standard. It finds use both as an EMC variant with metal housings and shielded cables as well as a robust plastic version. With regard to motor cabling, the proven Han® connectors in various sizes and different conductor cross-sections enter the picture, depending on the application. The use of pre-assembled cables enables manufacturers of modular conveyor systems to not only perform the complete mechanical construction, but also the electrical testing prior to field commissioning.

Rapid commissioning

Data and Signal Configurations: M8 and M12 cables - sensors and actuators

Users can also access a broad portfolio of pre-assembled cabling for circular connectors. Various codings and configurations are available in the sensor and actuator areas.

"Prefabricated cable assemblies individually adapted to modular conveyor systems elements greatly facilitate the production, testing & commissioning of the elements. Once you plug it in, everything works!”

Matthias Wiehe, Head of Global Project Engineering AMRT, HARTING Customised Solutions

Fit for the future:

  • HARTING is catering to the modularisation and individualisation trends by providing
    pre-assembled cables to customer specifications


For decision makers shaping the future of industry:

  • Installation and commissioning times are part and parcel of a fast go-to-market approach
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