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Pre-assembled system solutions in a compact rectangular format

Han® 1A
Vitali Philippi
Vitali Philippi
Global Product Manager, HARTING Customised Solutions

The trend towards miniaturisation is a continuous, ever-present challenge for industry. Increasingly compact drives, for example in robotics or mechanical engineering, also demand increasingly compact interfaces. Han® 1A represents a robust and universally applicable connector system where installation space is at a premium.

Han® 1A//M12

The modular design of housings, inserts, contacts and interlocks can be optionally combined. This provides users with individual possibilities for transmission via the three lifelines - data, power and signals - of automation. As a result, interfaces can be easily and precisely adapted to the environmental requirements.

Robust plastic housings offer protection against ambient conditions in industrial environments. For example, up to 16 A / 400 Volt can be transmitted in the power range, while data according to standard Cat. 6A flows adjacently – thanks to the corresponding modules of the Han® 1A series. The degree of protection can also be upped from IP20 to IP65 with the aid of appropriate housing elements or accessories, depending on the requirements of the operating environment.

Sensors, machines, control systems, computers and data centres are networked via Ethernet. HARTING has developed Han® 1A, the series with the most compact connectors in the Han® portfolio. Two contact inserts are available for fast and secure data transmission. A D-coded version enables the installation of terminal devices which are Profinet-based and use 100 Mbps Cat. 5 Fast Ethernet. The second, X-coded version, is even capable of supplying end devices with up to 10 Gbit/s, Cat. 6A, i.e. High-Speed Ethernet, as is required for live applications of camera systems, for example. Both data variants have continuous shielding and are equipped with crimp contacts.

What’s more, Han® industrial connectors are ideally suited for assembly "in the field".

In applications with fixed cable lengths, however, prefabrication delivers clear efficiency advantages: on the one hand, a connection can be made very quickly, while on the other hand, high safety is also ensured, as its function has been tested.

Consequently, HARTING is also offering ready-assembled system cables equipped with Han® 1A. They are tailored exactly to customer requirements and are equipped with cables suitable for industrial use. The assemblies are tested according to the high HARTING quality guidelines before delivery. Users can simply install them via "plug and play". This saves space and is fast – while averting the risk of wiring errors which can occur in field assembly.

Han® 1A
Varianten des Han® 1A
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