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HARTING setting international standard for Ethernet interfaces

IEC 63171-6 becomes the first standard for Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) in industrial applications
Matthias Fritsche
Matthias Fritsche
Senior Specialist Ethernet, HARTING Electronics
T1 Industrial

When an innovation becomes a standard - or even better, an international standard - this has great advantages for all the users involved. This is due to the fact that they have a reliable long-term investment basis. On January 23, 2020, the IEC standards committee made it official: IEC 63171-6 is the international standard for Ethernet interfaces featuring only a single pair of wires. The T1 Industrial Style mating face described in the standard was initiated by HARTING as early as 2015. With immediate effect, users can secure their investments for their future-proof IIoT networks based on Single Pair Ethernet.

Comprehensive standard for the mating face

Drawing on years of experience in defining norms and standards, HARTING not only just defined the single-pair Ethernet mating face, but also all the associated requirements, dimensions and test specifications. Naturally, the SPE cable standards for ISO/IEC 11801-x and TIA as well as the SPE transmission standards for IEEE802.3 also reference to IEC 63171-6, thereby providing users with a comprehensively standardized solution in the Industrial Style.

Why the standard is primarily an opportunity for the future

The new IEC 63171-6 standard creates the foundation for future IIoT networks. A cross-market standard for SPE infrastructure offers investment security on the user side on the one hand, and the opportunity to create a comprehensive portfolio for the SPE market on the other. Users who want to expand their Ethernet networks down to the field level will then benefit from consistently standardised products.

"This early initiative is now paying off. In 2020, users will finally benefit from a reliable investment foundation for future-proof IIoT networks based on Single Pair Ethernet.“

Ralf Klein, Managing Director HARTING Electronics

One standard – a wealth of products

The new SPE standard IEC 63171-6 paves the way for a range of application-oriented products. Originally, it was planned to present these products to a wide audience at various automation trade fairs, such as electronica (Munich), SPS (Nuremberg) and of course the Hanover Fair. Although these trade fairs will not be held this year, HARTING's products are still available. And when the industry ramps up operations once again, they will be in demand. For example:

  • The standard parts of the T1 Industrial IP20 in field assembly and as overmoulded solution, as well as the corresponding device socket.
  • IP65/67 variants in M12 housings, panel feed-throughs, IP65/67 PushPull variants as well as Power/Data Hybrid connectors in M8 housings.

The continuation of these exciting developments will follow ...

Fit for the future:

  • Standard for SPE mating face, specifications,dimensions, test requirements, cable standards and transmission standards.


For decision makers shaping the future of industry:

  • Investment security on the user side following the adoption of a cross-market SPE standard.


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