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To grow, the city of the future needs miniaturisation

Passenger transport: barrier-free, ecological, fast
Levon Altunyan
Levon Altunyan
Industry Segment Manager Transportation, HARTING Electric
To grow, the city of the future needs miniaturisation

Great visions start small. In coming years, ridding our cities of fine particulates and noise will witness developments in the direction of highly efficient rail transport. More and more people will have to travel longer distances in ever shorter time. A new generation of infotainment systems will arise to ensure passenger comfort. These systems require the throughput of large volumes of data.

However, the necessary network infrastructure in local trains and especially low-floor trains would also entail more weight - and thus increased energy consumption. Miniaturised solutions are already successfully counteracting this weight gain by producing ultra-flat, high-performance connectors.

Modular is the new multitasking

This sensible reduction in the size of interfaces is enhanced by modular concepts in which multiple functionalities (data, signal, power) are sited within one connector housing. This eliminates some connector housings. Less housing means less weight.

Aerodynamic and energy-saving

Barrier-free entry and exit into/out of low-floor railways, coupled with aerodynamics and innovative designs, are increasingly creating multi-dimensional challenges for urban development and for the manufacturers of these vehicles.



  • Unchanged or higher line density in small/same installation space
  • Ultra-flat, highly efficient for four 250A high-current contacts
  • Cost-effective in terms of maintenance and repair
  • Quickly produced using modular segment design


For future decision-makers at manufacturers of low-floor vehicles and transport companies

  • For barrier-free and high-performance low-floor vehicles
  • Space requirement of only 8 cm
  • Optimised housing dimensions reduce space requirements for connectors by approx. 40%
  • Meets the demand for transmission of high currents in the underfloor area of rail vehicles, for example for the engine connection


Weight reduction by plastic connectors
Weight reduction by plastic connectors
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