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A genuine "all-round" talent for the food sector

Han® F+B Hybrid system cable: the perfect connection in food production
Vitali Philippi
Vitali Philippi
Global Product Manager, HARTING Customised Solutions
Han® F+B

Hygienic and robust

There are few industries that place such extensive and stringent demands on production environments as the food and beverage industry. The hygiene regulations not only apply to connectors but also to cables and accessories. On the one hand, cables must be resistant to physical stress to ensure reliable operation. They must also be resistant to chemical cleaning agents, some of them aggressive, which are deployed in the daily cleaning cycles of the different processing zones.

Thanks to the pre-assembled Han® F+B Hybrid system cables, two birds can be killed with one stone. On the one hand, the broad portfolio provides virtually unlimited combination options. All three lifelines (data, signal and power) can be routed in a single cable and the interfaces can be reduced to a minimum thanks to this single cable technology.

On the other hand, pre-assembled cables enable users to install the system more quickly, while offering high safety levels. All assemblies are 100% tested to guarantee the high HARTING quality standards.

The robust and non-slip connectors are designed for up to 3000 mating cycles. When mated, the system cables comply with the IP69 protection class and are therefore protected against dirt and pressure cleaning. Resistance to highly aggressive cleaning agents is confirmed by Ecolab® certification.

The control range allows up to 10 A and 250 V, in the power range a current carrying capacity of up to 20 A and a voltage range of up to 400 V is covered. In addition, the field bus integration (CAT5e) enables transmission rates of up to 100 Mbit/s.

Future-proof connection

The Han® F+B Hybrid system cables fit perfectly into an environment making high demands on hygienic aspects and the need for short cleaning intervals and fast system installation. Thanks to the Han F+B Hybrid system cable, customers will also be well equipped for the future, as in condition-based maintenance, for example. Here, it is especially crucial to transfer peripheral sensor data to the controller and subsequently to the cloud in order to generate maximum efficiency.

Han® F+B Hybrid Cable Assembly
Han® F+B Hybrid Cable Assembly
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