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Data centres rely on modular connectors

Perfect infrastructure planning
Ingo Siebering
Ingo Siebering
Product Manager, HARTING Electric
Data centres rely on modular connectors

Data centre planners must keep an eye on numerous requirements when planning new facilities and operations down the road. In the event of a malfunction, the fast, cost-effective (retro)installation of all computing units is as important as the quick replacement of defective components. Safe and cost-efficient operation is front and centre here. Traditional hard-wired, prefabricated units are not future-proof - while an innovative concept goes down other paths.

Fast Plug & Work

Data centres must be flexible. The need for more computing capacity or storage space usually arises on an ad hoc basis. For the architecture, infrastructure and computing units, this means being prepared, optimally with highly modular, prefabricated units that are quick and easy to install. Intervention in the existing connection configuration should follow the Plug & Work principle. A clever connector series fits perfectly into this concept.

Data centre planners are faced with the question of how to tie together and connect the different levels of power distribution as quickly as possible.


A data centre’s numerous infrastructure-related requirements call for connection technology that is easily extensible, robust in design (for construction sites) and flexible in use. What is meant is the variable use of power, signal and data transmission as well as a power transmission in the range between 40A and 100A. HARTING's HAN Eco series offers this comprehensive performance profile. In addition, the plastic connectors are extremely lightweight and easy to assemble.

Individual or pre-assembled

Data centres can avail themselves of individual connectors as well as complete cable assemblies. These guarantee high quality thanks to integrated testing and optionally coded cables. In the event of a malfunction, defects in the cabling can be largely eliminated and individual storage elements switched out faster.


  • Modular single connectors as well as ready-made cable assemblies
  • Quick connection and integration of different power distribution levels
  • Connector series offers comprehensive functionality

For future decision-makers, data centres planning and operation

  • Open planning architecture for infrastructure and computing units
  • Fast response to customer requests (capacity expansion)
  • Immediate intervention in case of malfunction


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