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A clean solution

Han® F+B connectors meet hygienic requirements in food production
Florian Hackemeier
Florian Hackemeier
Product Manager, HARTING Electric
Connectors meet hygienic requirements

Maintaining hygiene is priority number one in the food industry. After each batch, processing zones are cleaned with high-pressure cleaners and chemicals. This prevents the build-up of residues of dirt, germs and bacteria. The demands placed on connectors are equally as high - and must all be met by the Han® F+B in everyday use.

Dirt- and grime-repellent design

Han® F+B connectors’ smooth surfaces and transitions not only keep residues of bacteria and dirt at bay, they’re also easy to clean. "Easy" as in hygienically clean, but, above all, cleaned fast during the cleaning process.

Ergonomic handling

Cleaning operations can only happen during production downtime. Cleaning stops must be as short as possible. Han® F+B connectors can be removed quickly and easily. Special ribbing ensures that hands don’t slip off. In addition, no cable glands on the control cabinet need to be opened to decouple field devices. Cleaning stops not only transpire faster, but equipment installations are made extremely ergonomic when it comes to handling.

Resilient material

Connectors deployed in food production must withstand aggressive cleaning agents. Robust housings and seals need to offer ingress protection against jets of water and be able to withstand the cleaning pressure.

“Thanks to Han® F + B [...] connectors, we've achieved more standardisation."

Steve Woodhead, Packaging Automation, UK


  • Ecolab-certified
  • FDA 21 approval
  • Non-slip ribbing for secure insertion and removal
  • Big radii and surfaces avoid residue build-up (EHEDG guideline)
  • IP69K protection: Housing transitions specially sealed
  • Waterproof even during pressure cleaning


For future-proof food facilities

  • Compliance with hygiene regulations
  • Shorten machine downtime: Han F+B enables quick cleaning after each Batch
  • Faster tool changes and servicing



Connectors meet hygienic requirements
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