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A connection for life

Jumper cables transmit data, signals and power between cars
Matthias Wiehe
Matthias Wiehe
Head of Global Project Engineering Transportation, M&R, Automation, HARTING Customised Solutions

Naturally, travellers are also always online when they are on the go. So by the same token, a train must also be "always on" for its passengers. A powerful network infrastructure is essential to enable fast, stable internet surfing on board the train, offer passenger information systems, as well as handle large data streams for camera monitoring of the train, track and platform. Jumper cables between train cars provide a reliable supply of data, signals and power - a connection that has a future.

Jumper cables

Ties that stand the test of time

The transitional systems between train cars must convey sufficient power to various different sections. The trick here is not only to take account of current bandwidth requirements for passenger entertainment, but to project performance formats into the future as well. How much data throughput will there have to be between train cars in 2030? Consequently, railway operators would do well to rely on cables and connectors that already have “future potential” today.

In good times and bad

Cable assemblies at train car transition areas are exposed to several million movement cycles. In addition to extreme vibration requirements, the materials that are used must withstand electrical and climatic effects. To ensure this, all components undergo rigorous quality checks on a regular basis.

Connection with a future

Rail operators upgrading their trains to meet the passenger requirements of the future need not worry about having a crystal ball to gaze into. 3D/2D simulations for the mechanics and the associated electrical design present a real view of jumper cables in their later ambient geometry. All the required components, e.g. connectors, cables and fasteners are designed to meet applicable railway standards.

Jumper cables


  • Future-capable cables, protection and fastening, wall routing
  • Separable and permanently installed solutions
  • Extensive connector portfolio for every application using Han Modular®, and protected against extreme environmental influences by Han HPR


For future decision-makers in rail entertainment and security

  • HARTING Customized Solutions (HCS) for individual train projects from project management to series delivery
  • Compliance with applicable railway standards
  • High quality manufacturing standards
  • Solution simulation in 3D and 2D


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